The World Heritage – Fame and Responsibility

Since 2004 Ilulissat Icefjord has figured on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The Icefjord is one of the first areas in the Arctic listed.
Since the World Heritage List was established in 1972, 911 locations have been entered. 704 of these are classified as cultural heritage, 180 as natural heritage, and 27 as both. Among the most famous listings are for instance the Egyptian pyramids, the Chinese Wall, and the Grand Canyon.

The World Heritage Must Be Cared for and Protected 

When an area is classified as World Heritage, it is accorded extra recognition and status. It is also required that the area’s value is not reduced over time. In recent years the concrete demands to the administration of UNESCO’s World Heritage Areas have increased significantly. Among other things plans for administration and monitoring, as well as risk assessments, must be made and the UNESCO must be informed of any changes in the areas.
If the UNESCO estimates that a World Heritage Area is not sufficiently well cared for, the World Heritage Committee can decide to revoke the World Heritage title of a certain area.

Download the administration plan of Ilulissat Icefjord as pdf

Link to UNESCO’s World Heritage List